Adtech Meetup with Aerospike @ InMobi

AdTech Junkies,

Welcome to the September SF AdTech Meetup. We’re excited to have two fantastic speakers this month covering some hot topics in the industry. Our speakers include: 

Brian Bulkowski – CTO and Co-Founder @ Aerospike 

Talk: Lesson’s learned while helping customers scale in ad tech

Bio: Bulkowski, co-founder & CTO of Aerospike has 20-plus years experience designing, developing and tuning networking systems and high-performance Web-scale infrastructures. He founded Aerospike after learning first hand, the scaling limitations of sharded MySQL systems and saw the need for a high performance database that would empower all developers, not just those at Internet giants that could afford to build their own. Brian has a B.S. degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Brown University.

Rakesh Rajan – Product Manager @ InMobi

Talk: Scaling InMobi: Challenges We Solved to a Build a Global Ad Network

Bio: Rakesh is a product manager at InMobi. He oversees InMobi’s Video Ads product. Before joining InMobi, he founded and sold Lifeblob, which was a photo sharing service that allowed users to explore and discover photos.

Agenda for the evening:

6:30-7:20 – AdTech Happy Hour – Meet and greet other professionals

7:20-8:00 – AdTech Updates & Presentations

8:00-8:30 – Drinks and wrap up

How can you help out next time? We’re looking for:

• Sponsors for the event

• Speakers who have an interesting perspective on the industry to share

Please contact the Meetup group if your company is interested in sponsoring a future event or you’d like to give a 5-10 minute presentation on an advertising technology or tangentially related topic.

Also, check out our website to view past presentations:

AdTech Meetup San Francisco

About our sponsors


Aerospike was founded to push the limits of modern processors, storage technologies and distributed systems. Aerospike founders wanted to make scaling easy for all developers, not just the few who worked at companies with deep enough pockets to build their own. They did what they set out to do. They built the fastest, most reliable database in the world.

With each architectural decision and every line of code focused on high performance and easy scaling and operations, Aerospike is the NoSQL database reliably delivering speed at scale at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Aerospike has run non-stop in production for almost 4 years. It is the gold standard for the most demanding applications – real-time bidding platforms (RTB) and data management platforms (DMP) in ad-tech – the foundation for one-to-one digital marketing across the entire Internet – for companies like AppNexus, BlueKai, Chango, The Trade Desk and [x+1]. Other innovators like KAYAK, Curse Gaming, and Forensiq are leveraging Aerospike for real-time application needs. In addition, devops engineers are now replacing caching tiers, Redis clusters, in-memory databases and first generation NoSQL databases with Aerospike – a database that is as fast as a cache.

The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California with engineering offices in Mountain View, CA and Bangalore, India. Advisors include Don Haderle, father of IBM DB2 and legendary marketing guru Regis McKenna. Investors include NEA, HP Storage and Columbus Nova Technology Partners.


InMobi enables consumers to discover amazing products through mobile advertising. Through Miip, a revolutionary discovery platform, developers, merchants & brands can engage mobile consumers globally. Recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the 50 Most Disruptive Companies in the world, InMobi enables over 100 billion discovery sessions on mobile across a billion users every month, becoming the largest discovery platform in the world. 

We are not just another mobile advertising company. We are a technology powerhouse. We are leading the industry by building a superior mobile ecosystem. We have award-winning creative teams, innovative solutions and products, combined with big data analytic capabilities that process 100s of terabytes of data daily to enable our customers make real-time decisions and gain the most value from their investment.

Adtech Meetup with Aerospike @ InMobi