In-House Agency Secrets & Supply Chain Transparency with Blockchain

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PRESENTATION: “7 factors driving in-house agencies and how can you make the most of them,” Jeremy Leonard, Project Bourbon

Jeremy Leonard joined his first digital agency as the twelfth employee in 1999. After 17 years starting, running and turning around digital agencies, he now consults with brands such as Capital One, AT&T, Univision and Roccor Aerospace and their in-house agencies. As one of the few professionals focusing on this market segment, he has studied the best in-house agencies in the country and hundreds of others that don’t quite meet the same standards. A variety of issues make this movement unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

DEMO: “Introducing the PATH Browser,” Manny Puentes, RebelAI

Rebel AI has built a custom browser that shows the complexity of the digital advertising ecosystem. By graphically illustrating every advertising call made on each publisher page, Path will allow any user to see how many ad platforms and ad providers are called on a single page load and help demystify the industry. Rebel AI builds products to secure advertising transactions and bring trust back to media trading.

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In-House Agency Secrets & Supply Chain Transparency with Blockchain