March ‘Adness Panel Debate: Ad Fraud

Listen, learn and engage with experts on a given topic at hand while they present the pros and cons for a specific motion in a timed and semi-structured “Intelligence Squared/Oxford Style” panel debate format. The audience asks questions and votes before and after to see how opinion has been swayed. This all takes place in a matter of 30 minutes.

The best solution for defeating ad fraud is eliminating open market programmatic exchange buys and issuing direct insertion order with publishers who create and own content.

Two teams of 2 will make formal arguments for and against the motion at hand. The audience votes “for” or “against” prior to the introduction. Then the two teams present their cases, one team “for” the motion and the other “against”. The audience is given the opportunity to ask questions. Then each team makes a closing statement. Finally, the audience votes once again to determine how either team has swayed opinion

Debaters Arguing FOR the Motion:

Matthew Barrowclough, Apogee

Jeremy Leonard, CEO, Project Bourbon

Debaters Arguing AGAINST the Motion:

Scott Cunningham, Trustworthy Accountability Group Adviser & Founder of the IAB Tech Lab

Taylor Hamill, Director, Operations at Sovrn

March ‘Adness Panel Debate: Ad Fraud