“Privacy in The Digital Age” Panel at The DaVinci Institute

AdTech Junkies,

Join us on Wednesday, January 27th, for a special (and our first-ever) AdTech Meetup panel, “Privacy in The Digital Age.”

***You Must Register to Attend this Private Event***

We will cover some of the most exciting topics in digital advertising today, including contextual targeting, ad blocking, supercookies, and a much much more!

The event will be hosted at The DaVinci Institute in Westminster. Special thanks to Chris Gray and The Westminster Economic Development Office for supporting ad tech growth in Colorado (and securing us this great location). 

Meet The Panel!

Hosted by Leah White, Senior Product Marketing Manager, SpotX, we have the following ad tech professionals on our panel:

• Alayne Wilinsky, Sr. Product Manager, Zvelo

• Will Clayton, SVP Digital Products, Wiland 

• Matthew Barrowclough, Co-founder, Apogee Digital Media Partners

• Russell Isaacson, VP Brand Partnerships, Sovrn

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all later this month!

~You Ardent Organizers

“Privacy in The Digital Age” Panel at The DaVinci Institute