End of year Ad Tech Meetup: Thursday 8 November

Ad Tech Junkies!

We’re looking forward to seeing you this Thursday.
A big thanks to our host and sponsor, Outbrain, who will be hosting the end of year meet up and providing drinks and nibbles.

Here’s a reminder of our two top speakers and the location of the end of year gathering!

Data plays and disrupting media:
We’re pleased to announce BWS head of marketing consumer experience and digital, Ken Russell, as our first speaker on the night. The ex-Maccas, Wrigley and Craveable Brands digital native will share his thoughts on what is likely to disrupt the media industry and how data is critical to making sure your marketing efforts are maximised.

A new world order:
Next up will be Rob Wilson, co-founder and CEO of blockchain technology rewards business Incent, talking about how disruptions to media have created a new approach to audience engagement, whereby the traditional model of ‘pay-per-view’ is replaced by ‘paid-per-view’.Following news of first blockchain and cryptocurrency powered broadcasting platform and off the back of Incent’s partnership with Gfinity Esports Australia, Wilson will discuss how crypto and blockchain are attempting to rewrite the rules around customer engagement and market intelligence – and what impact this can have on adland.Is rewarding esports fans for watching and engaging with live video gaming tournaments the way forward in the attention economy? And is this something brands, and agencies are clued up on?

The meet up will take place at WeWork, 5 Martin Place (Level 14).Looking forward to seeing you there.

Pip & Evgeny

End of year Ad Tech Meetup: Thursday 8 November