Big Data & Programmatic

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Harnessing big data and real-time (programmatic) media changes the game for small business owners. Choozle’s CEO and Founder Andrew Choozle talks about the challenges of implementing a SMB programmatic strategy and the pursuant benefits to pulling it off. Find us on: Main: Twitter: LinkedIn:

alexmerwin13Big Data & Programmatic

Deal ID 101 & The Shift to Programmatic Direct

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Alex Merwin, VP Programmatic & Business Analytics, SpotXchange, expands on the common knowledge that executing digital media campaigns can be inefficient, calling out whether Deal ID all it’s cracked up to be. An honest look at what Deal IDs are, where they’ve helped, where they’ve been a step back and the overall shift to programmatic direct.

alexmerwin13Deal ID 101 & The Shift to Programmatic Direct