Privacy: Certification and Opportunities (Wiland)

alexmerwin13 Brand Safety, Videos

Will Clayton, SVP of Digital Products for Wiland Inc., discusses the important of privacy in our digital age, and how you can become certified in this growing field. Special thanks to Centro for hosting this month’s AdTech Meetup at The Epic Brewing Company. Apologies for all the noise (popular place)!

alexmerwin13Privacy: Certification and Opportunities (Wiland)

Marketing Across Devices – Adam Muennich (Rocket Fuel)

alexmerwin13 Ecosystem, Videos

Adam Muennich, Enterprise Account Executive, Rocket Fuel, explores how we are managing and optimizing the marketing mix across screens at the July Denver/Boulder AdTech Meetup at Rocket Fuel.

alexmerwin13Marketing Across Devices – Adam Muennich (Rocket Fuel)

Open ID – Mike Davis (The Trade Desk)

alexmerwin13 Analytics, Videos

Mike Davis, VP of Innovation at The Trade Desk, discusses Open Profile ID, an open-source standard developed to statistically identify users for targeting throughout the advertising industry.

alexmerwin13Open ID – Mike Davis (The Trade Desk)