Traditional Media Meets Digital, The Evolution of the Media Plan

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Adam Muennich, Account Executive, Scripps, explores how the traditional media plan has had to make room for digital.  Learn about the mechanics of how that works (shifting budget around, changing metrics, etc.).   It’s not just a competition for digital dollars – there’s typically a bigger media plan in play.  Getting dollars for digital means moving money away from traditional.

alexmerwin13Traditional Media Meets Digital, The Evolution of the Media Plan

Inside Innovation: The Conflict of Change

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Jeremy Straight, SVP Strategic Partnerships, SpotXchange, discusses AdTech business are forced to innovate to remain competitive and relevant in our constantly evolving marketplace. Jeremy explores the conflict our business face when partnering with companies to bring to market new services that may completely pivot historical business models while maintaining integrity to the core vision that made the enterprise excel in …

alexmerwin13Inside Innovation: The Conflict of Change

Net Neutrality: Why AdTech Should Care

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** This is an abridged version of the presentation. Complete version available on Ms. Martin’s Website ** Molly Martin, Founder, Acute Marketing, explores if internet providers should be allowed to fork out cash so consumers see their services load faster than competitors? Will the future internet landscape be as ripe for innovation & new entrants as it has been in …

alexmerwin13Net Neutrality: Why AdTech Should Care